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Ace That Test
Success System for Learning and Taking Tests 

This programme is aimed at children in Years 5 and 6.  Your child will develop a mindset for studying and learning as well as strategies and tactics that will support them in preparing for, and taking, any sort of test.

The sessions are based on the ACE IT System for Learning and Taking Tests by Adventures in Wisdom™. They use a fun and effective storytelling format that follows three children – Amy, Carlton, and Eddie as Wyatt the Wise Wizard helps them learn how to develop a learning mindset, build effective learning skills, perform under pressure, and so much more. Your child will develop these skills along with Amy, Carlton, and Eddie as they step through the ACE IT System.


I will cover the following: 


Why attitude is the foundation for success in school - and in life.

How the '4 Truths of Learning' and brain science enable everyone to develop intelligence.

How to uncover your 'Big Why'.


The power of belief systems and why you achieve what you believe (children can’t do well in school unless they believe they can do well in school).

How to set your intention so your thoughts work for you, not against you, and why integrity is critical for success in school — and in life.

Learning Skills

How to use multiple learning styles to enhance comprehension, how the brain creates memories and techniques to improve recall.

How multitasking affects the brain and reduces its ability to learn plus how to create an effective homework routine that will increase learning and decrease homework time.

Test Taking Strategies

How to use six test-taking strategies (“S.M.A.R.T.S.”) to ace that test. 

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