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Mindset Coaching for 6-12 year olds

Mindset coaching isn't just for children who are facing challenges or problems. It helps children learn how to reach their fullest potential. It's about personal development and personal empowerment, equipping them with mindset skills to help them face any challenge that comes their way. The skills they learn can be used for the rest of their lives! 

  • Does your child say things like, "I'm no good at this!" or, "I can't do this!"?  Children can learn how to spot limiting beliefs and shift them to more positive and supportive beliefs. 

  • Do you dream about having children who are confident and sure of themselves? Children can learn how to believe in themselves to create courage and confidence.

  • Does your child have a big goal? Children can learn how to develop a mindset for creating success in their lives.

  • Do you want your children to learn how to be happy even when things aren't going their way? Children can learn how to feel good about themselves whatever situation they find themselves in. Their self-esteem will come from the inside-out and not on who they know, what they do or what they have. 

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All of my programmes are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids or The ACE IT System for Learning and Taking Tests. What makes these models so powerful is that I use storytelling and experiences to help your child develop effective skills for creating change. I have specific coaching packages which focus on particular themes - self-esteem, self-confidence, developing resilience, standing up to peer pressure and developing a learning mindset. Also I can suggest a bespoke package of sessions relevant to your child's needs. 

Jack Canfield is a hugely successful life coach and a New York Times bestselling author. This is what he has said about WISDOM coaching for children.


Watch this 90 second clip of Jack Canfield interviewing the CEO of Adventures in Wisdom about the benefits of mindset coaching for children using a WISDOM certified coach.

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